Mega thread: tool hacks for those who haven't got the correct tool

Andy at Focallocal

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Just a suggestion, please delete/ignore if it's no benefit.

Almost every time I work on the engine I end up modding tools, or finding other creative suggestions buried in this forum, to do the job as the expensive correct tool that I can't afford.

It seemed like 1 thread that we can search for the tool/job would be useful

Andy at Focallocal

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Glow plug connector pulling

Wire cutters and electrical tape. Made getting those connectors off a 2min job


Patrick of M

2005 T1N 2500 (NA spec)
Seems like a good idea. Decent pics and measurements of some of the real tools and the replacement would also help.


2004 140” SHC T1N 2500
Fuel Injector slide hammer

- built from components found at Princess Auto (Canada's Harbor Freight)
- Copies the claw style injector extractors available on eBay and elsewhere...

A 3/4" farm implement hitch pin as the shaft, a hefty weld-on chain sprocket hub as hammer.
The forks are two corners cut from 1/8" wall square tubing, welded to the pin to form a fork spaced to match the hold-down pawl. They are welded to a the pin with an 1/8" shim between the fork and the shaft.

Gap between forks is +/- 12mm/0.5" (sized for a close fit to thickness between injector flats)
Height of forks is 12mm/0.5" (to fit loosely into height of the injector flat)

After welding, the top surface was cut flat and square with a cutoff wheel to get good contact against both cutouts in the injector stem.

This tool promptly popped my #2 injector from a hot engine, then helped to advance it from the ooze of black death holding it down in the bore.

It's 7.5" long overall, which might fit into #5 at the back of the engine bay, but I may need to shorten the pin to clear the cabin air filter housing etc. to reach back there.

Parts were under $20. Some low skill welding required.


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