Fitting Factory Sliding Window in Sliding Door


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Hey everyone, new here, thanks for the awesome resource!
I did a search, but was unable to find anyone describe definitively what I'm trying to do, so I apologize if this has been touched on somewhere.

I have a 2005 NA sprinter with a factory stationary window in the sliding door. I found a factory sliding window on craigslist, and the guy said he pulled the window out of a 2005 Sprinter's sliding door.

Comparing the sizes of the two windows, it appears that the window opening for the stationary window is slightly narrower and taller than the sliding window. It is difficult to tell for sure, however because of the rubber windowstripping.

My theory is that maybe the opening in the door itself is a bit different for the two window types.

My question is: has anyone done this before that can enlighten me on the sizing difference? I know these windows are pretty uncommon here in the US, but maybe someone in AUS/EU could enlighten me? I don't mind cutting the edges of the opening, as long as it will fit and seal. I would like to just pull the existing window out and check, but I live full time in the van and am afraid of messing up the existing weatherstripping.

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If I were you, I would measure carefully so you know exactly what you're getting into before making any moves. I am sure there are people who have done what you're trying to do before with other vehicles and have write-ups, somewhere on the internet. Good luck!


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I remember a post about a user that may have retrofitted OEM sliders. I do not recall any issues with fitment? You will need to confirm the window seal is the same part for both the fixed and slider. Then measure the two to ensure a fit. These windows install with a rubber seal, and are not bonded in like the later models.

I would guess the window openings are the same for each window type, Mercedes would not be likely to modify their expensive body tooling for something like a window. Note that the slider window is not the same size as the window behind the driver.


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Yes, the slider and "plain wall" openable windows are differently sized.
There's also the difference in which pane is "inside" the other (so that the rammed air of driving doesn't force itself and rainwater through the "seal" between the two windows).

Quoting myself from the thread DesertAdvent posted:
"Both the slider and fixed side are 23 and one half inches tall.
But the Slider-side is shorter lengthwise than the fixed side.
The slider side is 39 5/16th inches glass-edge to glass edge.
The fixed side is 41 3/16ths edge to edge.
That's almost two inches longer."



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Thank you all so much! Based on the direction of the sliding part vs stationary along with the dimensions, I've determined the dude sold me the driver's side (LHD) slider for the panel. Kind of a bummer, since I'm not sure I want to put a window there. I really appreciate all of your help!:thumbup:

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