Replaced multi function switch and now ABS light is on


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I replaced the turn signal multi function switch over the weekend and now my ABS, ESP, and ASR/BAS indicator lights are on. I disconnected the battery before changing the switch. The manual it says “if the voltage drops below 10volts these systems will be deactivated.”

I am getting 12.5 volts to the fuse box. Don’t know where to begin outside that.

Anyone have a recommendation?


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There are at least two different multi-function switches: 05103539AA (MB: A 001 540 47 45 ) and 05103745AA (MB: A 001 540 46 45 )
(that's one possible source of problems)

You might use Search to chase down your indicator light symptoms as if you hadn't played with the switch. That trail may lend clues.


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