Suggestions on Photo Hosting Sites?


Want to do a write up on my build, but not sure what's the best photo hosting sure to use. I use to use photo bucket but they started charging for 3rd party hosting. I don't keep my photos on Google long enough for them to stay in these threads.

What are you guys using for photo hosting for posting on this site?


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Post them directly onto your write up and then they will remain for posterity. Only downside is you have to resize them and can only add 5 per post (but it doesn't cost you).



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As a free site, i use 000webhost (thus )(but my page is )

1 gigabyte storage, you can link to individual images:
<-- if a reversed copy of my avatar doesn't appear here, see next sentence

BUT ... one of their methods of nudging you to paid hosting (dirt cheap) is to occasionally (rarely) make your page unavailable...
(click again, or come back an hour later and it'll probably be there)

They were recently acquired by another company, and that "unavailability" came after that.

you (don't) pay your fare, you take your chances...

p.s. over the years i've been using them, i find that it seems to slightly help access if your stored pictures/files are pointed at by a web page (i.e. something.html) on their site, instead of just being an orphan jpg (or whatever) file.
p.p.s. if you like to do things webbish, even their free site supports php, MySql and Cpanel.
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I may be living in the dark ages, but Flickr has been working for me for nearly a decade. :idunno:


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Does this work for just me to see my own photos or for others to see my photos?
Try using it and us onlookers will comment/report results....

If i read flman's posting correctly, it may be browser-specific. Give it a try, and i'll test 4 or 6 browsers against it.

--dick (kind'a like my reversed-avatar example)


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Does this work for just me to see my own photos or for others to see my photos?
It just works for you or anyone else that has the plug in see pb photos. You should try Flickr as suggested by glasseye.


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I use Flickr as well. Their mobile app (with auto uploader and permissions management) is alright. it can be a bit tedious to get the BB code links from their website. Also, getting a BBcode link from the mobile app is not possible.

They don't make changes that kill your links (like some hosting sites) and they have not sold out and forced people to buy a package. The 1TB of free storage is great.
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OneDrive Test:


Here's the "link" tag instead of "image":!AgsLF3_0-XZqpk-KaYx-bYG7xr6n

Again, the problem is that you are pointing at a PAGE, not an isolated IMAGE's file.

That site does not appear to provide easy access to the image's address.
Whoops ... it does... click on "view original" at the top,
then right-click on the image and choose (wording depends upon browser) "copy image address"
Give *that* to the PostCard, and we get (the 6000-pixel wide, painfully large):

Which i copied to my PC, and used Paint to reduce it to 900 pixels wide, which can then be truly attached here:



Second example: here's a PAGE:
(i used the "link" icon)

and here's an isolated image from that page ... the address points to the JPG file itself:
(i used the postcard icon)

IF you use the "quote" button here on the forum, you'll see the difference in the mark-up

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One drive was not uploading well. I am trying flickr, but how do you share the photos to here?
What i frequently do is visit (for example) your Flickr page, do a screen-grab, crop it to the photo (which rendered this way is less than 900 pixels wide), save it as a JPG on my PC, and then use the Forum's paperclip icon to attach it (which pushes it up to the Forum's server):




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I think I got the direct link from Flickr,

What size do you use when you screenshot and crop?
I use either whatever size the photo shows up as on my screen (like the examples above), as long as it's 900 pixels or narrower.


I really don't use that method unless i'm helping someone (like this thread) post/attach a photo so it's not lost when the "sharing" site account dies.

If i'm on my Android phone, i have a free photo resizer app that lets me do the "take photo, resize to 900 pixels (or less, whatever seems appropriate) and then attach (paperclip icon) ... just like working from my Windows PC. No sharing site involved at all.

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