Only one ignition chip key? Nervous?

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I just went out and tried it.

If my key is sitting in the ignition (engine off, key in "zero" position)

...(drum roll) ...

The fob buttons DO NOT WORK!

I'm at a loss for words.

Should I type F'n Mother Mercedes... or Mother F'n Mercedes????

They also won't let me lock my non-Fob cargo van front doors without using the key. :bash:

Mother... please stop hovering and trying to protect us from ourselves.

:cheers: vic

Sorry for any confusion.
I have added a remote Fob note to the first post.
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2nd that!

or.. at least give us OPTIONS (sides buying a chevy) other than U$D75-100+ for each key!!!


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Definetly it's a 05 311cdi T1N, we don't have any NCV3 here in Vietnam :)
The newest sprinter here is 2012, but still 313cdi T1N.

Back to topic, I saw some owner have lost their key and/or their SKREEM malfunction. So they've ended up with some cheap anti-thief system from Chinese, but they do work.
I don't want to mess with mine, so....

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'02 2.7 T!N Freightliner
I need help.

I bought an Ebay key with a RFD chip.
The thickness and pattern look good but it is too long.

I don't understand this caution advice from an earlier post #16 in this thread ...

Originally Posted by percym View Post
Great success finally getting functional keys for 2002 Freightliner Sprinter. Ordered the chip key blanks from ebay (5 for $40). The blanks were sold as 2003-2006 Dodge Sprinter keys but they worked fine in my 2002 model year (built Nov 2001). Got them cut and cloned at Ace Hardware of South Walton (Walton County Florida). None of the locksmiths in the area could do it, and the other three Ace Hardware stores were not equipped for chip keys, but Ace of South Walton handled it quickly and economically. My 2002 Freightliner was not in their chip key computer system, but doing it as a 2003 Dodge Sprinter worked fine. Since many Ace Hardware locations don't realize they can do it, convince them to try, and it works fine. 5 out of 5 successful keys work in door and ignition.

Caution: My key blanks were longer than they needed to be. Make sure the key is cut from the shoulder rather than the tip so you don't end up with a key that is too long. End quote.

Here is a picture of my current key and my new blank...

So what do I do to make this blank work when it is cut.
What instructions do I give the key cutter at ACE hardware.
It is not a steel key.

bill in tomahawk
No worries on the RFD chip, one thing at a time.
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UK 2004 T1N 313CDi

Lay the old key on top of the new key and line up the shoulders (NOT the tip).

The tip of the new key will now extend below from below the old key.

Mark the tip of the new key which is still showing with a permanent marker and tell the key cutter that this end of the key must be removed.

Basically the shoulder of the key MUST be the reference point and NOT the tip.

Sprinter key REF.jpg
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I need help.

I bought an Ebay key with a RFD chip.
The thickness and pattern look good but it is too long.

That key looks familiar. First, be certain that it will insert into the cylinders. Mine wouldn't without being shaved down with an end mill cutter and file.

When it is cut, every key should be indexed using the shoulder. Only hacks set up using the tip Added: when they know the shouldered key blank is too long. Some keys, with no shoulder or stop, are cut from the tip.

The extra length of that key is insignificant for Sprinter use.



I compared three of my keys.

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Plated Brass Key from Amazon.

For anyone still looking to purchase T1N door key blanks.

Amazon offers an inexpensive plated brass chip holder key, with NO CHIP.

I went down to hand cut one of the spare keys I had on hand. I bought 2 ea. thinking that they would be steel. I marked the key to begin the hand cutting process. As soon as I touched the file to it I realized that it wasn't steel. Holding it to a magnet verified that as fact.

I went out and tried the plated brass keys in all of the locks on the 2004 and the 2006. Each key inserted into all of door locks and ignition without a problem. The keys appear to be similar in material grade to my MB17 blanks (MB17 blanks do not have the plastic handle chip holder).

I can say this.
Back in June when I purchased the keys, AT THAT TIME, the vendor was supplying plated brass keys. The price is below 3 bucks each. Any locksmith should cut these keys without any problem. They will work fine as door keys. Swap over the OEM chip from a broken key, or do the Goop glue chip trick, and it will work as an ignition key.

TOOGOO(R) New Replacement Uncut Blade Transmitters Key Shell Case for Mercedes Benz Vito Actros Sprinter V Class

Truth be told, the first 2004 rear door cylinder I tried only allowed partial insertion. That made me think the key had a problem. After the 2 ea. keys worked perfectly in all of the other 2004/2006 locks I went back to the 2004 rear door and pushed a bit harder. The key inserted, but there was a bit of shmutz on the tip of the key when I removed it. After a couple in and outs it too was fine as frog's hair.

I apply WD40 to all of my locks each Fall, AND all of my many other keys work fine in the 2004 back door. I was surprised there was any problem.

Anyway, don't hesitate to add the above Amazon keys to your list. Shipping was 3 to 6 weeks, but arrived slightly sooner than promised. Faster shipping isn't offered.

:2cents: vic
Key blank LEPACA938
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Today i met on the street the neighborhood "safe and lock" locksmith ... i asked him if he did car keys (flipping my T1N's key at him)

His answer: "Not any more ... the car manufacturers are pulling back what they used to supply, the key styles keep changing, and they're wanting $8000 for the new dual-sided cutters. Most of the small shops are dropping new cars and sending folks to the dealer."

sic transit the small businessman...

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2005 158" High Roof Pass.
Not sure if it applies to this thread, but,

I have 2 OEM fobs with my '05 T1N. Both are working fine to start the vehicle but only one RKE functions. The second one has a good battery, and red light coming on when pressing the button but won't lock or unlock.

How can I have programmed the 2nd remote ? Can it be defective? Both Fobs are original to the vehicle.




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For the T1N, if the now-failed RKE key *ever* worked, you can try reminding the Sprinter's ECM by following the "these are still valid keys" procedure:

It requires having all valid keys available for the dance:

The above will NOT "introduce" a new key, it will merely confirm the old ones.


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A recent thread by HK Pierce contains information about swapping cylinder latches to encode another cylinder to your OEM key. It can be done DIY.

Ignition Cylinder lock - Locksmith question

HKPierce added a Youtube video to my post #3 that details the procedure. :thumbup:

:cheers: vic

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