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They don't have access to the "Chrysler manuals," unless they downloaded them some non-MB computer - from somewhere outside the MB field of authorization - and charged you for the time it took to download & read them.
Yeah I think it is more of that good old service manager bullcrap (not that all service managers are like that...I just seem to run into a lot that are). I also asked him about transmission fluid change and whether they drain the torque converter. First he told me that it couldn't be done. Then when I told him there was a drain plug he said they don't do it "to save customers money because you don't really need to change the fluid...Mercedes transmission fluid is good for the life of the transmission. We only drop the pan to change the filter and inspect for condition". I should have asked him why they bother changing the fluid at all then; just throw the drained fluid back in the transmission after you've changed the filter, but he would probably have had some more BS to say about that. Jeez.
How well does the abs bleed/refill "joyride on gravel" work? Where does it bleed into?

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How well does the abs bleed/refill "joyride on gravel" work? Where does it bleed into?
The joy ride does nothing to "bleed" the system. The joy ride will cause the ABS system to react, operate the brake fluid pump, and move the "stale" brake fluid out of the ABS fluid passages so it is replaced with fresh, hopefully less moist, new fluid.

A joy ride can work. How much the fluid gets moved around within the system depends on how much the ABS system is called upon to operate during the driving.

I wouldn't drink even one drop of alcohol prior to the joy ride. A police officer is more likely to believe a "I was just trying to fix my Sprinter brakes" story if you don't smell like a brewery. Have fun. vic

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