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I also procured 7 factory 2013 steels and the critical newer style factory lug nuts for my 2005 from Euro Campers and a forum member for $300.
Installed Cooper Discoverer HT-3. Nice on Forest Service roads and great on the highway. As a West Coaster, my snow and ice experience is 2000 miles out of 30,000 on this setup with 20K left on the tires. Love the highway performance.

Costco denied Michelin installation on the new 16's. So, I went to our local commercial tire supplier who was intrigued the T1N came with 15's and eager to assist. They had dozens of load range D options in 16's, and none in 15's.

This video expains the setup in a couple minutes.


I've had two sets of the Michelin LTX AT2's on my Sprinter, and loved them; pretty decent in the snow; very quiet. I have GY Duratracs on another vehicle, and love those too, although the truck is noisy to begin with, so the tires are the least of my worries as far as noise goes. But the traction is superb...

I now have the BFG KO2 on my Sprinter, and got them primarily for off-highway exploring this past summer; I wanted to be able to air down confidently, since I have no real recovery gear, other than a set of MaxTrax. Again, excellent traction (although I've not had this particular set in snow yet, but I had another set on a Land Cruiser, and they did great in snow), and after 10,000 miles on them, I've no complaints about the road noise.
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Running BFG AT’s on the front and BFG MT on the rear. Road noise is negligible but off road capability is great. Use them on my 2 Landrover Discovery so very happy with their ability in extreme off-road as well as on road.
Soft compound is advantage for lower road noise but retaining good service life.
Highly recommended however I have just ignored load rating as had good experience towing heavy axle weights with LR2

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How are all of these as far as longevity? I'm due for a new set and the last set I put on didn't seem to last for crap. I have read that the sprinters are rough on tires but geez!


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Michelin LTX A/T 2.
I use these in the PNW year round even in snow and ice and they're great. 50 psi on ice and 55 psi on all 4 year round when unloaded. But they're discontinued so they're $200 a pop now, they used to be $119 each a year ago. I love these tires, but they lack extra sidewall protection for scraping against curbs and offroading. The tread is quite deep also. No noise on the highway.

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