ETFE Flexible Solar Panel Install on Ford Transit

It was finally time to install the flexible panels from Link Solar. I chose the 135W version as its length (59.5 inch), did fit the width of the Ford Transit's roof exactly. That meant optimal use of the roof area. Without a roof vent you'll be able to install 5 panels (675W), four (540W) if you have a roof vent installed and three (405W) like me, if you eliminate the front panel, because it is readily visible from the street. An Extended version of the Transit will support up to 6 panels or a whopping 810 watts.

video here

I use 3M's VHB tape 5952 to create a leak-proof connection to the roof; the panels are virtually invisible from the street, except for the MC4 connectors.

You can

video here


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Why the concern of them being seen from the street?
Possibly a mild attempt at being a "stealth" camper...

(there are many threads by people attempting to be less-obviously an "RV")


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