Transmission fluid amount? Need Help


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Hello, I have attached a picture that shows how my transmission fluid is filled. I measured the fluid level when in gear and also with the engine off. I have RSN on both light acceleration and sometimes when I left off the gas pedal at about 1800 rpms. Is my fluid level correct? As you can tell I am an excellent artist, I hope you can understand my drawing!



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My understanding is that there are three tricks to measuring fluid levels.

1.) Drive the vehicle until it reaches normal operating temp (around 180°F or so)
2.) Make sure it is parked on the level
3.) Check while the vehicle is in PARK with the engine running, not in gear.

You didn't mention how many miles are on the current fluid.

BTW - the drawing is fine :)



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The vehicle was almost completly warmed up. I had driven it for about 10-15 minutes before masuring. The fluid has approx. 25,000 miles on it.


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As I remember, with tranny at operating temp of ~160F, level should be ~60 mm above bottom of pan (bottom end of stick). So, if yours was that hot, it was low. Search on this site for a graph posted by sik of tranny level vs. tranny temp.

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