Shift (-+) Select Not Engaging?!?

Hi All- I have a 2006 Dodge 2500 with automatic transmission. It's still fairly new to me. When I try to hit the shifter left (-) or right (+), nothing seems to happen. I see nothing indicating that I am in a different gear on the dashboard, nor do I hear anything indicating it has changed gears from how the engine sounds/behaves. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm in Colorado so it'd be helpful downshifting on those long mountain passes! Thanks in advance for your comments.


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You are only 40 minutes from Dennis at Linden Engineering in Golden!

Suggest you look him up and go get your Sprinter checked out by one of the most knowledgeable people on the forum!


PS He's a fellow Brit so I have to give him a plug :thumbup:


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Curious as to what you might come up with. I have exactly the same issue on a 2008. No manual up shift or downshift, and no indicator change on the dash when the lever is moved + or -.


I also have this problem intermittently on my 2008. Sometimes if I just shut the engine down and wait about 30 minutes to restart and it works again, but not always. I think the problem is in a small switch inside the shifter. A new part was $1150 a year ago when I checked into it. The moral of the story is to be very gentle when shifting. The switch is delicate.


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The "switch" consists of a pair of contacts which slide on the main circuit board. Their alignment with the shifters shaft is controlled by the two plastic halves of the shifter body.

On the T1N the two halves can be adjusted relative to each other bu loosening the 4 screws that hold it together (this can be done with the unit installed.

You want the shifter shaft to be perfectly centered when in drive.

The contacts may have lost their spring, they can be tweaked if you pull the unit apart. Be aware that the disassembly is a but challenging, as the plastic clips can be broken easily.

If you scan the shift module (ESM) it may come up with a code about communication. Some communication errors can result in the issue you are describing.

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