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Hello all,

I just thought I'd post up some info on my latest addition. I have a 144 4X4 high roof that I have been working on for the last year and a half. I have a Roam Built Roof rack and rear latter that i'm 100% happy with. Roam Built's stuff is very well built and incredibly durable, not to mention the fit and finish is top notch. I have been searching for an awning that was not "RV". I looked at several options ranging from Bundutec and Alu-Cab from South Africa and many other options including Fiamma. I really wish somebody would build a wing type awning that would work on a Sprinter but so far.... No Go! I reached out to both South African firms and didn't get much feed back or interest. To me, I think there have to be many Sprinter owners that would like to see a wing type awning that covers the side and the back of their Sprinters but I guess I'm in the minority.

Any way I looked at the ARB 2500 and started to think that it might be the best solution that would work for both the aesthetic and function that I wanted along with a great price.

At first I was concerned about how it would handle the flex at the mounting points on my high roof as the side support poles need to flex to quite an angle. After talking to the folks at ARB USA I decided to bite the bullet and I picked one up from a dealer right by their US office in Kent Washington.

I used 6 2"x 5 1/2"x 1/4" Aluminum plates to create mounting brackets that would pinch the two horizontal tubes on my Roam Built Rack. I only need a few extra 2 1/2" 20MM Bolts and lock nuts and I was good to go. I measured and drilled out the plates so they would align with the mounting plate on the ARB awning and I was set. A little Black paint and it was time to mount.

I climb up on the roof with the awning and a couple of extra heavy duty 24" Zap straps. I used the Zap Straps to support the awning while I aligned the plates and got everything bolted down tight. I probably spent a total of three hours doing everything including design, measuring, drilling, painting and mounting.

I'm pretty stoked how it all came out not to mention my total spend was $325.00.

Good coverage, about 5 minutes to deploy and retract (need a bucket to stand on). I'll give it a good test this weekend.




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That's a good looking solution. I've got a CVT awning I'm trying to figure out how to attach and use. The vans about 4' taller than me so I'm not sure how easy the deployment will be and if the legs will even come close to the ground.

Seen your van on the S2S - looks great!


Here are a few shots of the brackets I made and used to install the awing on the Roambuilt Rack. Pretty simple, used the short 20MM bolts that came with the Awning to attache the outside plate to the lower track of the awning and then bought 6 more 2 1/4 " for the upper two holes to pinch the Roof rack tubing between outside plate to the inside plate. The plate measured 2" X 6" X 1/4" Aluminum. I painted the plates with flat black primer.


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Thanks for the post Roadman. Funny I was thinking the same thing regarding the fiama-ish awnings detracting from the functional look of the rig [I also have the Roambuilt].

But with that said - could you share some words about deploying the ARB? I had one [and liked it] on a much shorter offroad trailer. The Sprinter is so much higher - but obviously you are doing it.



Ps. I know it is off-topic but it looks like you have a few solar panels up there? Any chace of getting a pic on how you mounted those?


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I too would like to know how difficult it is to stow and deploy a bag awning.
Our previous van had a fiamma and we rarely used it.
I assume we will rarely use one on the new van, so I might as well spend less money.
My wife shot down my 14x14 tarp idea.


I had an ARB awning salvaged from our old vehicle. I didn’t even think to put it on our 144 High Roof 4x4 because I thought it would be to too hard to deploy. So we went and bought a Thule. Now I’m not so sure.

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Looks great! Wondering your you think the ARB awning can be used with the ARB 813108A Awning Room on a high sprinter? We are wanting a screen room for our awning and trying to figure out what would work best.


as someone who has had that awning on a normal vehicle. That is going to suck ass to put away 10 ft in the air every time.

ill pay the 600.00 more for a manual something else


Looks great! Wondering your you think the ARB awning can be used with the ARB 813108A Awning Room on a high sprinter? We are wanting a screen room for our awning and trying to figure out what would work best.

The max height per the ARB website is 6 ft 8 inches due to the room having a floor . my sprinter awning was mounted at 7+ feet right at the drip edge. I did not research this and got stuck with the room that does not work. I may try to cut the floor and ad a way to stake it somehow . ... not sure. You may be able to do this mounting the awning lower, but that also may not look aesthetically pleasing.

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