Custom wiper arm configuration


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The sheet metal around the passenger side wiper arm post rusted apart, such that the post is now floating disconnected from the body. Since I can see where the wiper arm posts are meant to go on left-drive (UK, Japan, etc.) vehicles, I thought it would be possible to develop a custom wiper arm configuration that would allow the wipers to rotate in opposite directions from each other, like Chrysler minivans and other vehicles.
Customizing the wiper arms this way would also solve the issue of the large area of the windshield that gets neglected and is right in the passenger side view.
I've looked around on this site and the web and haven't found anything showing that others have done this before. I might be searching with the wrong terminology, or possibly this hasn't been done before? Does anyone here have additional info that might be helpful on this topic?
Similarly, has anyone had to have this type of repair done to their Sprinter?

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