4200 mile 12 day trip.


We just got back from a 4200 mile 12 day trip in the trusty Sprinter (AirStream Interstate).

It was further a day and more freeway than I prefer, but the wife had specific places she wanted to go, I had stuff to do this week and the weather could come in at any time.
Van ran perfectly, averaged about 24mpg (I need to verify this exactly, but pretty close)- which considering a LOT of 75mph driving is pretty good. The 10,000 little 1st gear mountain road above Lone Pine, CA was pretty fun, and it cruised right up with no issues at all.

I had installed some Sumo from ‘springs’ and it improved the big bumps noticably. The ‘Bigfoot’ leveling system worked well (installed by previous owner, but jacks were removed. I bought new ones and installed them). Really no problems at all.

great fun!

South Dakota
Wyoming (again)
Washington (again)

Coldest was 24º F
Hottest was around 90ºf
Sleet and ice in Wyoming/Utah, but other than high winds in Montana it was great weather.

I like this rig more all the time (owned just over a year now, has about 55k miles on it after the trip).



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Nice. These things are great for racking up miles in relative comfort. I've put over 50k miles on mine over 4 years time. She's seen 3 USA coast to coast trips so far. My biggest complaint is that I get sore from the seating position and consider getting a 4 pot NCV3 every once in a while, but then dismiss it because I'm a cheapskate.

Enjoy your ride. :thumbup:


I took the passenger seat armrest and installed on the left side of the driver’s seat. So I have two armrests. That give a nice rest to the arms and it very comfy. It is noisier Than the newer rigs, but better mileage and less emissions stuff etc.

I’m quite happy with it.



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A second arm rest for the driver's seat is one of the best investments I've made in my so-far 125K miles in Frito. :cheers:

Patrick of M

2005 T1N 2500 (NA spec)
It has always bugged me that the left side has no arm rest....I guess I'll need to find one (SWMBO would not be pleased if I just took hers.


They are available - easy job to fit.

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