Yet another LHM problem


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I have been checking codes and changing parts for almost a year now and still have no idea what is causing my van to drop the turbo and go in to LHM. To cut a very long story short it’s a 2002 311 lwb. I have replaced the MAP sensor, the solenoid, the vacuum hoses, the vacuum coupling at the vac pump and the turbo actuator. Initially I could drive without fault in gears 1 through 3. I found that by extending the actuator rod I could now drive fine in 4th, but as soon as I go in to 5th theres not enough grunt to get through the revs and the van will slump in to LHM. I can not extend the actuator rod any more. Am I right in thinking that extending the rod reduces the amount of boost created? Could it be that the veins are at too much of an angle and are , in effect, stalling? Any help would be great as apart from this ‘minor’ niggle it’s a great van.

Cheers all.


UK 2004 T1N 313CDi
Have you scanned it for codes? Ideally with an MB specific scanner rather than a 'Generic' OBD reader.

If not it should be your first try.


PS Where are you located as 311 possibly implies UK?

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