Topping off coolant, okay to mix delvac and GO5?

Currently have Mobil Delvac coolant in the van (its red). I have a small slow leak I havnt been able to trace yet and am looking to top off the coolant sometime this week or next...

Delvac product says, "Can accept up to 25% mixing with conventional coolant technologies, with no detrimental effect to corrosion protection or reducing the extended life properties"

I was thinking to mix with the Valvoline GO5. Should this be alright? I havnt been able to find anywhere here in moab with delvac...

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Assuming this is the product, that is fine.

"Mobil Delvac Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze –C Series feature a patented Hybrid and Organic Acid Technology (OAT) formula that protects cooling systems for 960,000 km on highway use or 6 years / 12,000 hours of off-highway use when added as an initial fill and properly maintained. Designed for use in on-road truck, off-road farm, marine, and stationary applications including but not limited to Caterpillar, Detroit / MTU, GM Heavy Truck, Freightliner, PACCAR and Volvo Mack.
Color - Red"


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