Vw lt35 2.8 auh engined owner in need of advice please !!!!

Hi all. I'm really hoping you guys can help me. I've acquired a 2004 2.8 common rail tdi lt35. It's the four cylinder 2.8 auh mercedes engine. The van came to me as a non runner for free, upon inspection I've found the fuel filter with water in it. Replaced the full filter assembly which on the vw is a black plastic housing with a replaceable element in it. Drained the tank and used fresh fuel .primed the fuel lines all the way to pump. Cracked the injectors . No fuel out of pump. Checked voltage onto the solenoid, 12v.
Are there any manuals for this engine or pump in the sprinter world. There's nothing like this forum for the vw.
Really enjoyed browsing this forum,
Thanks ade.


Hi Ade,
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Have you tried posting this in the T1N section of the forum. It is much more active and someone will put you right I'm sure.


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Mid england retrims uk;595681It's the four cylinder 2.8 auh mercedes engine.[/QUOTE said:
2.8 AUH engine have nothing to do with Mercedes. That engine is made by MWM International and engine type is 4.07 TCA. Volkswagen have made only electronics and ecu for this engine.

I have manuals for this engine, and you can find them also via google.


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I realise this post was some time ago but could you please point me to a online source for the engine documents as I cannot find one myself, Thanks.

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