Power Service Diesel Kleen Injector Cleaner?


2005 158" Cargo FedEx
A couple Amazon reviews:

"5.0 out of 5 stars Resolved a slow start issue, boosted power going up hills and improved MPG in a Sprinter Van
ByCoty in Moon October 28, 2014
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I have used it now for 3 tankfuls and it makes a noticeable difference in both easier starting and maintaining speed up long grades with a full load. I have a 2009 Dodge Sprinter that was beginning to take 3-5 seconds of turning over before it started in good weather whereas it use to only take 1-2 seconds. After just halfway through the first tank, it went back to how it use to run with quick starts and smooth idle. And it does feel peppier now and actually handles long steep grades with a full load better now than it ever has before or even when new. The Interstate speed limit around here is 70 and I could have cruise control set at 74 with a load and A/C on and by the time I reached the top of some of the large hills it would drop to about 65-66 and the transmission would have already dropped to 3rd gear and the engine was screaming at me. Now the same hill, temperature and load conditions it may slightly waver a little bit but roughly maintains the set speed and only drops to 4th gear and is more relaxed. Fuel economy has always been a Sprinter highlight and I use to think getting 18.6 mpg in a 25 ft long, 9 foot tall vehicle weighing 4 tons was good. These first few tankfuls I have seen 19.5 and 20.1 MPG averages. As far as adding it to the tank, I just keep a few 9 oz plastic cups from Costco in the door pocket and fill them to the 8oz area and just dump it in and then immediately throw them away to keep away the smell."


"4.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not the best.
ByA. Heavneron February 27, 2017
I normally run Schaeffer's additive, but I bought this stuff in a pinch. The ULSD keeps destroying my injection pump and o-rings on my OM606 M-BZ engine. After the last $2,400 bill for fuel system work, I have used additives in my fuel religiously.. and 60k miles later I have not had any signs of trouble. I bought this while I was away from home and was quite surprised at how well it worked. I will say, though, that when heavily accelerating it produces more suit/smoke than Schaeffer's, but not nearly as much as running un-treated fuel alone. I'd also definitively say that this product will give you +1-2 MPG in fuel economy (not too bad for what it's worth).

TL/DR: It works and will certainly get the job done... but not as well as something like Schaeffer's, Archoil or Stanadyne."


I use it all year round in my Kubota diesel tractor.


2005 158" Cargo FedEx
I'm trying to reduce exhaust smoke, and possibly correct a slight overfueling in one injector.

I now realize there's Schaeffer's, Archoil or Stanadyne available too.

If anyone has any experience with any of them in their T1N Sprinter and would care to chime in, I'd be grateful.


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Power service is the only one ive seen given a general thumbs up on these boards. Ive used it, so far it has t hurt

I vaguely remember someone one here mentioning they saw a bad motor due to excessive fuel additive, wish i remembered what post it was.

Then there are the other power service products - water remover, and biocide. Ive bought these, but am hesitant to ever use them since i havent really read of anyone's experiences with them and "if it aint broke dont fix it"

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If you're considering other products.

I added the BG 244 when my fuel gauge was a bit above 1/2 tank. I figure that to be roughly 13 - 15 gallons of fuel.

After 150 miles of running with the BG 244 it seems like my 2004 is now idling and running a bit smoother. That could be a placebo effect. What is not a placebo effect is that my latest cold weather starts no longer have the initial rough running and smoking. The engine starts normally.

So far it seems that the BG 244 diesel fuel additive has not destroyed my engine and may have actually helped some.



Added: Reading some of the DPF discussions that mentioned high(er) RPM operation reminded me.

After adding the BG 244 to my 2004 I have been doing a bit of higher RPM driving by using lower gears. My thought was to keep the BG 244 conditioned (contaminated?) fuel flow through the injectors at a higher rate. Did it help? Would just driving and giving it the "thrash out" without the BG 244 have produced similar results? :idunno:
At this point I believe that the BG244 BG 244 Diesel Fuel System Injector Cleaner has cured my issues.

I have no specific data.

Added 20170315:
The ambient temperature was down to 15F this morning. (We had 60's in February. :bash:) Prior to the BG244 treatment, at that low temperature the 2004 would have stumbled on startup. No stumble today.


Well I suppose I have to confess I am sceptical of "snake oil" fixes!
But in this case the BG line of "fix in a can remedies", seems to work and add up to their claims.

So far as the 244 product is concerned I first used it as an experiement on my Missus' car a 2001 VW Jetta diesel. Now these beast are notorious for plugging up the EGR valve and inlet manifold.

A few 10,000 mile doses of it have kept the inlet tract clear and @ 200,000 Mls recorded of usual urban suburban driving the thing runs very clean and the E test center mentioned it had run very clean when it was last tested.

I was convinced to recommend it which I don't usually do that preferring to take Sailquick's position.

Cheers Dennis

Also once you are done add a can of BG's ATC plus transmission additive. Any abnormal burnishing of the lock up internal clutch will be smoothed out by this stuff.
All the best

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