2006 Sprinter Custom Camper Van 2500. 140" Super High Ceiling


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Hey ya'll,

Im selling my beloved sprinter camper van. She's listed up on EBAY now:

2006 Freightliner / Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Turbo Diesel.

The van is in excellent mechanical condition. 100% reliable. It drives straight and true and everything works properly. AC is cold. Doors seal tight. Power windows, power locks, power mirrors, cruise control, basic aftermarket stereo with AUX, USB, and SD card input.

Although it says Freightliner on the badge, she is a Mercedes-Benz Turbo Diesel underneath (the same van was also sold with a Dodge badge).

Amazing Gas Mileage! best tank 26.8 MPG, average 24.5 MPG

Interior Camper Van Build
built for adventure-mobile hiking, biking, climbing, camping, mobile office, mobile kitchen, full time or part time mobile living. All of our gear stores well inside, there is a very comfortable luxurious kitchen, desk/table, and folding bed. She was built to "satellite" camp on national forest and BLM land, as well as in highway rest areas, Walmart parking lots, and streets in front of friends houses. There is no where to plug in shore power, not like an RV and no waste-water storage abilities. She is rather powered by Solar panels on the roof. There are also full stealth hand sewn boat canvas blackout curtains, so you can sleep in privacy wherever you find yourself. All interior wooden parts are made of good quality materials (no particle board!), sealed/painted inside and out, and fully glued with Titebond II. Everything is solid, beautifully crafted and there are no squeaks or creaks.

Main Interior Features:
125 amp hour AGM house battery (separate from engine start battery).
Sure Power battery isolator (this means that the engine charges the house battery, and once you park you can run the house battery completely dead, and the van will still start).
Fantastic Fan Roof Vent. 3 speeds and manual crank open and closing.
Renogy Solar Panel system. 200W rated output. This charges the house battery.
Webasto X100 glasstop cook stove that runs on Diesel from the main fuel tank. No propane to keep full and worry about. All exhaust gases are pumped outside the van, so you can cook with all the doors shut and sealed without worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning of similar issues. Easy push-button start and control.
Isotherm 2.3 cubic foot refrigerator. Runs on 12V DC power, again, no propane. This is a real refrigerator, not an "electric cooler". It reliably holds a stable temperature like a household fridge. It is very quiet and efficient.
1500W full sine power inverter. This makes household power for your electronics. Full-sine inverters are more expensive, but produce a clean sine wave so everything works properly.
2 house-style plugs and 4 USB charging ports.
Plenty of storage. Cupboards, drawers, shelves, bins, etc. All custom handmade wood. See pictures and videos.
Internal bicycle storage for 2 bikes! on full extension drawer slides. See pictures and video.
Folding bed (Queen size width, 5 foot 9 inch length).
A little over 13 gallons of fresh water storage.
Kitchen sink with foot-pumped spray nozzle. Drains onto the ground behind the right rear tire. You can add a few pots of boiling water and have a hot shower just outside the sliding door.
LED interior lighting. Ambient general lighting on one switch, kitchen task light on second switch. Bike garage and bench box lit on switches at rear of van.
Wall mounted bottle opener on the side of sink cabinet, accessible from outside sliding door.
Lower walls, sliding door, and rear doors are stuffed with household insulation. Upper walls, ceiling, and floor have one inch of foam insulation.
Professional, soldered into the steel, "third man" middle "Jumpseat" that folds down as a middle console. gray leather. custom install.
"Number one only" built in toilet funnels straight to the ground for remote camping. This comes in very handy!

Other Notes:
We have three keys for the van, the original 'switchblade" style key, and two flat keys we had made. In pictures.
We still have all the manuals and applicable warranty papers (where applicable) for the interior appliances/devices, will include them.
We are currently driving her so mileage is still increasing. Right now we are a little over 179,000.
electrically adjustable height for the low-beam headlights.


What's she worth?
More than $25,000 (the cost to install a custom camper interior) and less than a brand new Sportsmobile that starts at $75,000

We are looking to get a fair price that considers the design effort, craftsmanship (over 900 man hours that went into it's build) This van is unique, so she is hard to price. A potential data-point to consider is the 'conversion package only' listings on eBay. You supply an empty cargo van, and they charge $25,000 to $45,000 (depending on the build options) just for the conversion. Here the van is included :)

Drive and Clearance:
Rear-wheel drive only with excellent ground clearance. She has traversed roads such as the route into Black Velvet Canyon in Red Rock climbing area, the back road up to Gooseberry Mesa in Utah and a couple of ATV/UTV 'roads' in Moab area (sometimes climbing areas are a little remote....). She does well off-road as long as you are happy with "Slow and steady" to keep from shaking your house too hard.

The Stove:
This is one of her BEST features. This stove is Not an open flame, Not a pot-charring, Not a camp stove. This is a glass-top stove that allows for cooking/simmering/preparing things that are more elaborate than classic 1-pot camping meals. We have eaten like kings this year. The stove is awesome.

The Fridge:
The fridge much larger than you would think. I had a chef gig once and had to fill it with a case of baby carrots. 40 pounds of baby carrots! It is also very efficient and quiet. The solar power is more than sufficient to keep up, even in the winter when the sun is low and it is partially cloudy. We have never come home to a warm fridge. After a four-day Grand Canyon hike, we came back to cold beers =).

Why 2006?
The 2006 model is the last year (i.e. newest model) that still maintains the old (and more efficient!) inline-5 engine. The 2006 is highly sought after!

Could you install a second battery?
A second battery was considered into the design, so they tried to ensure it would fit in case they decided to add it retroactively. (This is the battery used: http://www.amazon.com/Vmaxtanks-Vma...F8&qid=1447381954&sr=8-3&keywords=AGM+battery)
You could slot a second battery under the fridge in parallel to the first. It would be tight to the inverter but would fit.

California Emissions Standard:
Yes, she meets California emissions standards. We added this picture of a sticker on top of the engine: http://i.imgur.com/vUN0m1o.jpg the key phrase is on the third line "(50-State Certified)"

Delivery / Pick up:
I am currently in South Florida. Ultimately you are responsible to pick up but If you are located reasonably close by, we can maybe work out a deal to deliver her to you or maybe meet somewhere part of the way.


Well done on your build and hope you enjoyed our crags and some long classic climbs! Spent many hours in RR hanging off holds on hooks putting up 1st ascents and that road into BVC is def rough and not one I'd take my T1N on.

Out of curiosity if I'm not mistaken, wasn't this van listed here and sold on ebay several months back?
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