Rear A/C removal.


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This is my first post after countless hours on the site so I will start by saying thank you to everyone who has ever contributed.

I am a proud new owner of a 2006 Sprinter 140'' with 90K miles. The van was previously used as a mobile dog wash and someone spent a good deal of money and time converting the thing. I removed all the previous modifications except for an aftermarket ceiling mounted A/C and heat unit. I managed to unbolt it from the roof but am still trying to understand the right way to remove it because it has a 1-inch rubber tubing circuit that goes to some sort of fan under the Van that is for the Air conditioning and another set of rubber lines that are tapped into the engine coolant.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are the A/C lines filled with really toxic stuff? I think I should be able to just cut and cap the lines but am worried that I might do some serious environmental harm.

Also if anyone is interested in an fully functioning battery powered heat/AC unit let me know!


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