Need new intercooler: parts compatibility guru please...


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Hi, I hit a deer and wrecked a bunch of the front end. I thought the intercooler was salvageable but now i am getting underboost error message and no turbo after about 25 MPH. I am going to buy a new intercooler because I think it is leaking.

I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500

My question:

Will this well priced intercooler listed 2003 ONLY fit my 2006? They look identical without knowing if there were model changes. I know most intercoolers are advertised 00-06 so the 2003 only seems weird to me.


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2002 intercooler part number: 05104119AA
2003 intercooler part numbers: 05104119AA and 05119997AA

The 2nd number is for option codes 4XS, NAA and 5T7 which are:
[NAA]=Federal Emissions
[4XS]=National Version for U.S.A.
[5T7]=Emission Tracking

2006 intercooler number: 05119997AA

So if it's a US-sourced part, it should fit.

**whoops... then i went and looked at your eBay reference. They're selling the 119AA**

So i'm going to waffle and say that it may not fit
(the older models didn't have a resonator, so hose attachments may differ)

(have you had the system smoke-tested to check for the leak? Pressurized it to 20 psi to listen for a leak?)

added: this ad claims compatibility
but also claims it's compatible for 2006 -2002
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