Automatic headlights..


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2004 Sprinter 2500, Fed Ex truck, 270k. Headlights come on automatically, and can't be turned off if the engine is running. Not stealth at all.

How can this be rectified?



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Pull three fuses from under the driver's seat fuse box. do a search for Daylight Running Lights or DRL. One fuse for left headlight, One for right and one for the parking lights.


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Yes, but I don't think the dash lights will work. Not sure. Good experiment, as I have the exact same van. Hmm... Gonna watch this, as I can't stand having all the lights on all the time.
Rather than pulling fuses, why can't there be a switch installed to shut the daytime running lights off when one chooses to? Fellow campers would appreciate not shining headlights all over the place. Thanks to all here.


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It worked. I pulled the three labeled fuses, and now I can turn the headlights on and off.
(Fuse #1 was labeled "daytime running lights", but actually controlled the dash illumination.)

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