News Flash-612 Hi Press Pump rebuilds


Doktor A (864-623-9110)
I am pleased to announce that I am now tooling up for repairs or complete rebuilds of the '02-'03 OM612 High Pressure fuel pumps.

Suffering from "simple", occasional fuel weeping or more serious fuel leakage at pump heads?
Reduced output due to worn internal cam? Noise due to worn internal cam bushings?

My European Bosch associate has provided me the complete tooling, technical information and all OEM parts for rebuilding of the Bosch 612 Hi-Press fuel pumps.

No more $1000 replacement costs. I now offer an affordable low cost alternative.
Contact me for special pricing and your specific needs. Doktor A


Doktor A (864-623-9110)
Re: warning this is not good.

I continue to rebuild the 612 ('02-'03) high pressure pumps. This is NOT a do it yourself project.

If you have leakage from a 647 ('04-'06) hi pump you can typically repair this yourself. Read my Dr. A Tech Alert on this subject here on this group site.

Do not let a dealer install a new 647 pump until reading that Tech Alert.

Doktor A
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Re: OM612 injector/high pressure pump replacement

This is a pretty old thread but was useful so I figured I’d post my experience.
I have a OM 612, it started to leak fuel at low temperatures, so I determined it was the high pressure fuel pump. The leak was pretty constant, so needed to be fixed.
I contacted Dr. A but he no longer rebuilds the pumps, so that left me trying to find a decent price for a rebuilt pump or attempting to replace the seals myself.
I decided to attempt the seal replacement myself.
I bought this seal kit:

The kit includes the big o-ring that fits between the pump body and the crankcase. The seal did not exactly match the seals that came out of the pump, but they seamed to be the same sizes.
I followed procedure outlined by surly old bill to get the pump out, and this Utube vid to replace the seals:

Somewhere I picked up a useful tip, which was after the pump was re- installed, I left the high pressure fuel line off (the steel fuel line) and fit a piece of tubing over the pump side of the connector and turned the motor over to run some fuel through the system to flush out any possible contaminants. After I flushed through a fair amount of fuel, I hooked the high pressure fuel line.
So far the repair is working, but it is still early days.
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