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Wow - that must be a rust bucket underneath all that insulation.
Actually I don't know, but I don't think so. In any case it has not rusted through to the outside either underneath or on the sides of the van. The interior is all fiberglass and well sealed. There are two floor drains forward where water can flow out via duckbill valves. One could quite literally hose out the back of the van without any problem.

Currently, I plan to leave the fiberglass and insulation in place as if I remove it I would just have to replace it with some sort of insulation and interior sheathing. When I removed the refrigeration unit there appears to be about 3 inches of insulation in the ceiling I am guessing the same amount in the walls.

The big thing I worried about was that it might smell like rotten fish, but there is no order whatsoever.


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Hello! I'm Jason from Michigan. Purchased an 07 jeep wk a few months ago. Had a limp mode so got it on the cheap. I've done a full delete and stage 2 tune. Currently having I think a fueling issue. Replaced the fuel regulator in the rail and now having random no starts or starting with no throttle. I'll be browsing around🍻

fat pat

2015 MB 2500, High roof, 2.1l
Hello, Patrick here. Just purchased a 2015 NCV3 with 2.1l diesel. My wife and I are planning to travel form home (San Diego) to Portland, Maine in August to be with our daughter for the birth of our first grandchild. Due to Covid, we need to do our best to stay isolated on the way and I thought the Sprinter would be a good way to avoid people while traveling.
About me: 59 years old, married, two grown kids, unemployed (Covided), Navy veteran.
I plan to do as much as I can to get the rig ready for basic travel prior to departure.
Thanks for all who make this site available and so useful. Apologies in advance for all of my NOOB questions.


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Hey dudes! I'm a forty year old bay area geek ready to get to work on a NCV3 project. About ready to pull the trigger on a 170 non-extended passenger. Decided to give up on the 4x4 and 3500 (although I love the ride quality of the dually) and invest in some good snows for winter travel. I've enjoyed the forum so far! Does quarantine get any better than a van build 👀👀😄 ??


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Hey hey,

I just picked up a 2003 144 OM612 T1N. I'm a long-time DIYer, and maker of things. Been up in the bay area for a couple years now, probably won't leave the coast unless someone makes me do it. Previously had a westy, never owned a diesel. I've been wanting something to wrench on, and I'm looking forward to learning. This site is awesome!



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Howdy all!
Jeff here from WV. Me and the missus just picked up a 2018 Winnebago EA 70A on 2016 M-B 3500 Sprinter chassis and our love affair with the road is about to begin. First Sprinter so I'm here for an education to learn the tips and tricks, and maybe share a few of my own.....eventually.


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Hi everybody, Bob from San Jose, CA here. I don't own a Sprinter, yet, but plan to do so this winter. Right now, I am reading and reading and reading. So, I'll probably quietly being reading the forums for a while.

Planning to do a camper van conversion so that the wife and I can take some weekends to the beach and possibly some longer trips in the summers. I've done some research and have a few thoughts in my head:
  • Want a fixed bed. Neither wife nor I want to convert the bed every night and morning.
  • Really don't want propane in the van. Wondering if it is possible to carry a couple of small canisters outside for a camping stove. Although, the beach campgrounds tend to allow wood and alcohol burning. So, I may go that path for an outdoor stove.
  • Can't decide on indoor or outdoor shower. Leaning towards outdoor because I don't want to lose the space for that purpose plus making a water tight shower doesn't sound like fun to me.
  • Haven't seen too many builds online starting from a passenger van. I'd like to see some builds that have done this. The windows excite and scare me. I wonder if I just end up block off the windows most of the time.
  • I assume I'll spend a bunch on the electrical system. As an electrical engineer and licensed amateur radio operator, I'm aware of the necessities for doing this safely. I won't skimp on cost here. I'll do this right.
  • I'd like to sometimes take my kayak which is a very heavy Hobie. Not sure that I'll be able to get it on the roof. So, that may require a trailer.
All in all, I'm very excited. This is a huge step up from tent camping. Now that I'm in my 50s, sleeping on the ground doesn't thrill me anymore.

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