How to download multiple reference manuals and documents...


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from (for example) the entire JensMoller/Arnie_Oli site:

For windows folks:
To grab the entire diysprinter/reference web site (about a half gigabyte), you can install the small/simple/command-line-based program "wget" that can recursively pull them.

You can fetch wget from:

You download the program, create a folder where you'd like the manuals to go, put wget.exe into that folder.
Then open a "command window" in that folder and issue the command:
wget -r

...all of the files and subfolders will arrive into your chosen folder...
(the -r means "recursive".. grab everything and drill into the subfolders)

You can see wget's command parameters by typing wget --help

p.s. the recent Windows 10 Creators update has added an "Open PowerShell window here" to the shift-right-click options for a folder. That powershell window has grabbed the "wget" verb as an alias for a far more complex program.
They also removed the handy "open command prompt here", but you can still create an "old style" command window by typing CMD to the search bar on the lower left of the task bar.
The "old style" command window and an in-that-folder copy of wget.exe still works as described above.

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