How to switch out of mobile view mode


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I went from my desktop mode using the forum to mobile view after clicking a link in a thread. Even going back to history files that were viewed in desktop before are now automatically flipped to mobile view.

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Start a forum session (i.e. log in to the forum)

By using THIS ADDRESS in your browser:

(yes, you should be able to click that and with luck a "regular" window will open)

That should put you into "regular mode" ....
then Edit Options in the left column, then scroll down to the Miscellaneous Options,
then scroll down in that to the Forum Skin section and use the drop box to set it to "default"
(don't forget to then scroll down and click "Save Changes"

the magic is the ?styleid=1
which tells the forum which style to use.... mobile is styleid 11

In fact, this link will do it all (change you to Default and drop you at the correct Options page):[/QUOTE]

(this was covered in the Comments and Suggestions about the Forum sub-section)
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