Rear canopy for sprinter barn doors


I really like this idea - and I think there might be a better way to keep it mounted for easy deployment. I saw a while ago (cant find it anymore) a guy that was outfitting the small ford transit vans and he made nothing like your hangout but it was permanently mounted over the back doors, folded up in a zippered bag! When you stop, you open the back doors, unzipped the mounted bag and deploy the cover! (something like the attached photo)

I would very much like the hang out for my T1n - either just the way you have it or modified to be mounted outside above the doors. Nice work!
First off I want I want to say CC_windsurfer is a gentleman and a scholar. ;)

Mikolia69 - Thanks for sharing your idea. I was just discussing the bag enclosed awnings with a friend who owns a Promaster. He decided to buy one as I've not been paying enough attention to his needs and he really wants a removable side awning. Once his bag awning arrives I'll have a chance to check it out in person and will report back. I believe, if I'm understanding your thinking correctly, a roof rack (or some sort of clamp mechanism) would be needed at the rear of the van to attach to and then you would need some way to reach it on the roof (maybe just standing in the back of the van)?

Make sure to vote for your van here: That will help me prioritize my time.


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