Blowe motor connector melted


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Hello All,

Had a wired thing happen the other day to my blower fan. I had the a/c on and smelt something burning, took a look and the wires and connector going to the blower fan were melting and almost on fire.
I turned the a/c and the fan off. The a/c turned off, but the fan kept on going at a low speed. I disconnected the battery, and that was the only way I could get the fan to stop running.

Any ideas on why the wires/ connector got super hot, and why then fan still ran.




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Pretty common failure with many manufactures and blower motors. The usual cause is a loose or less than tight connection that creates excessive resistance in the connector at the motor. The blower has a high amp draw and any excessive resistance in the connector will create heat. This can lead to fires and several manufacturers have had recalls over this issue.

Example for another manufacturers plug damage:

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What year Sprinter?

In the T1N (1999-2006), there are at least 3 ways the fan will run at speed 1 (REST, AuxHeater on, fan knob set to 1) at the whim of the AC control unit.

--dick (that's "(REST, OR AuxHeater on, OR fan knob set to 1)"

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