Very low miles T1N- PMs to do?


I have a 2005 Sprinter (2006 Airstream Interstate).
It has very low miles (35k when I got it last fall, now 45k).

What sort of things on these would really benefit for replacement due to age, not use?

I can make some general speculations (coolant and intake hoses?) but if anyone has some good experince for the parts that seem to fail from age I'd certainly like to hear.

I would think at a minimum;
Coolant change
Brake Fluid change (I like too do every two years)
Inspect and/or change flex hoses on brake lines

I don't know if they coolant and intake lines age poorly on these or not with little use.

In the manual it says that the antifreeze lasts 10 years or 100,000 miles.

You need to change the transmission oil because it is picking up moisture. Remove the pan from below, change the filter, remove a screw from the turbine to get the oil out of it, remove more oil, change the electrical connector that has o rings that leak oil is in the transmission and put The new oil. Do not leave lint or moisture at work.

You need to change the brake fluid because it picks up moisture.

I bought my 2006 sprinter with very little mileage and the hoses have served well for many miles, the hoses are the original. These hoses degrade also by oxygen and ultraviolet light, but mounted in the car are not so exposed.

The degrading of compressed air hoses and antifreeze hoses is a function of heating cycles and stretching cycles by pressure changes. I think they serve you well.
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