2 months sitting with no real drive time


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So in the process of painting my van and doing some of the conversion over the past month and a half/two months i havent been really able to drive it cause all the trim is off and its all taped up etc, but ive had to moove it almost every other day in my friends parking lot cause he needs to use hos loading dock which is the ideal spot for me to do the work. (100 feet closer to the tools).

Question is whether im doing any damage, i have a green diesel tune, so theres no egr issues with it not getting Clogged up but i didnt know if there r other things to consider. Its summer and 90 every day so its not like im starting in the cold and the oil has about 2k on it and its had a 7/8 full tank the whole time.

Also hesitant to drive it a lot before i clean out under the hood since surely paint chips/dust, metal flakes, degreaser, and probably metal prep have all found their way down the windshield and into wherever the water flows when it rains. So far its fine short of a check up itll get when i drive it 1600mi to linden engineering in a few weeks


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I frequently leave my 2005 untouched for 2 to 3 months at a time.
During those intervals, i do not move it every other day... it just sits.
During a few of those intervals i've moved it half a block, then round the block to return to its spot, about once per 3 weeks.
If the end of a parking interval is in the winter, i might give the battery a charge to help it with the first cold-soaked start.

So far, so happy.



Sitting is no issue. You may just want to put a charge on the battery before you need to use it.

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Unless you removed the engine air filter housing the air filter will take care of any paint debris without issue.

If you keep a charger on the battery for 24/7 extended time make certain that it is designed for the job. The wrong charger might do more harm than good. IMO periodic charging is better if you don't have the proper specific charger.



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thats great, it starts fine, but i havent topped off the battery for that duration. in a week i'll be driving it again so hopefully thats a null issue. thanks guys!

as far as the cleaner/shavings/chemicals migrating under the hood i know the air filter will catch particles but i have a vague, unspecified concern that some of that crap is bad for hoses, belts, seals if they didn't flow perfectly through the gutter system and onto the ground.

i have a giant rust hole in the main hunk of metal under the radiator, it's impressively bad and also downright shameful looking. i'm gonna deal with that when i wash the engine bay out and post a photo of that horror show

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... i'm gonna deal with that when i wash the engine bay out and post a photo of that horror show
Be careful how you wash the engine bay or your horror show may begin with a no start post.


Don't use a pressure washer.

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