Kumho MT51


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Now (thanks to Tooth Fairy) Ive sussed the picture thing out .
Heres some pics of my newly fitted Kumho MT51 245/70 R16 tyres. 10PLY 118 rating.
Only driven them about 30 miles so far but for a MT they are not particularly noisy. Fit without too much issue, Just had to remove the front mud flaps but no metal bashing. Wheel offset is ET60.
Close on the back flap but its a bit out of shape .

Front with flap removed

Next to a virtually brand new old style BFG AT 235/75R15


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Them new rims sure is pur-tee. :thumbup::thumbup:



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Good looking wheels, I like the spoke designs. It's frustrating to see all the great tires not available when I needed to fit my 18inch wheels.

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