2002 Freightliner Sprinter loss of power


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Hi guys I have an 02 sprinter that all of a sudden would not build boost. I can manually depress the turbo actuator and it will build boost then, so I know its not the turbo. I can also suck on the vacuum hose and make the actuator go down so I know its not the actuator. I replaced the vacuum transducer and still nothing. I also took off the EGR (it was very clogged) cleaned it out and put it back in and it STILL didnt build boost! I even opened the EGR valve manually and it didnt build boost. HELP!!!!
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We had similar issues in our 2012/2013sprinters. One was lagging when we were loaded. It turned out to be MAF sensor.

Second sprinter had no acceleration from the zero. It was the ekas actuator.

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