2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500. 20kmi. Lots of maintenance ahead .


I have to agree, it sounds pretty good.
I'd be interested to see underneath that cover over the injectors.

You going to do a full fluids change? Oil, tranny & torque converter, rear differential, radiator flush?
Buy MB specific fluids is my recommendation.
Europarts-sd sells lots of fluids/filters and much more, plus there are other internet shops that sell kits with fluids and filters, I can find them if you'd like.

As a reference here is how my 2004 sounded before I replaced the 1st fuel injector.


You can hear a chuffing sound, like cha, cha, cha...which is air getting through. It's caused from the seal leaking...then diesel comes up through, makes a gooey mess. Sorry for my lack of technical terms. I didn't hear any chuffing in your video. Hopefully it's clean under your injector cover.
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I do hope to share some more details about the van . I want to try to stay ahead of some of common breakdown Items . I also am very interested in green diesel tune. Any info advice appreciated​ . I was thinking the injectors should be good with only 20kmi. ?


2005 Cargo 2500 SHC NA
The injectors and everything else should be good. I know of one 2004 with over a million kms

MAYBE you might have to replace a seal or two, I had that problem on a 2003 Ram Van I bought with 80k kms in 2015. Start with all the maintenance items, all fluids especially, age as well as mileage is a problem.

There should be nothing to stay ahead of other than filters and fluids. If you go a step further and change the power steering fluid, trans and diff (and test the brake fluid, change out if its moisture contaminated) and clean and grease the major electrical contacts (battery terminals and ground points, take a look at alternator connectors and starter too) it will probably last longer than you want to keep the van

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2005 Cargo 2500 SHC NA
Oh one thing I forgot - check all the brakes and e brake cables and the device under the van that distributes the emergency brake cables

Even after 2 months of sitting, I was hammering and greasing until all was sliding free. Its not common but the calipers will stick on if rusty

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