Range hood delete and LED Lighting


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Deleted the range hood in our 241XL.

Now better under counter lighting and more open feeling.

1.5 " LED and Push button switch provides great tas lighting.
Additionally added a slide out silverware drawer.

Thinking about window valence and privacy shade next to open window viewill more.

All we cook on the range is water for coffee and instant oatmeal. No need for a duckless fan.

Happy with modification




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G'morning Patrick,

We're new to this forum and to RVing in general. We just put in an order last week for a 241XL RT. We asked to have the hood deleted but were told that wasn't allowed due to "industry rules". This is something I'd be interested in doing also.
Did you do the modification yourself? Is the silverware drawer your custom design or a product available to buy? The latch also?


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Ya super easy to remove...4 screws and disco power lead.

Clean look after removed. I understand the safety that the hood provides, we just use for coffee and hot water.

Ordered the silverware drawer from esty...? I think I would order smaller version next time. Wood kinda sticks a little. Hardware was from ebay...but I think coach house now sells online store. LED Lights really help with task lighting.

Congrats on the new coach....we love ours.... 241-xl-SQ.

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