Is Fleetwood Still Alive out There?


I hope so. Although it appears that Fleetwood (including TIOGA and PULSE etc) is either almost trouble / question free... or non-existent.
Fleetwood has one of the best Customer Support Teams that I have ever come across... and in my estimation, some of the best craftsman work in the coach business that I have seen in years.
I do agree that Check Engine Light Problems tend to be more in the forefront than a faulty drawer latches. In any event, I hope there are more of us out there.


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There is a new 2018 Fleetwood Pulse on their web site but imho it's not nearly as nice as the '09 Pulse/Icon was. Neither the exterior nor the interior.
The '09 had beautifully inspired full body paint schemes, interiors to match...argh...
The competition from Leisure Travel Vans, Winnebago and Dynamax should have moved Fleetwood to deliver something new and special... I'm slightly puzzled.


If I remember correctly, Fleetwood declared bankruptcy a few years back. Close to when they built my rig (2012 TIOGA). I have to say that they did a really nice job on mine... full body paint etc.
In my opinion, with a GVWR of 10,500 lbs... they should put some of their heavier inside furnishings on a diet. When you add on the diesel generator weight sitting back aft...there isn't much legal carrying weight left over for necessities... I wondered why it didn't have lots of storage I know !

Fleetwood does have a great Customer Service Team.

Nice to hear from you... Rob

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