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2005 T1N 118
I bought left and right parabolic mirrors 5 months ago. I finally got around to putting them on today. I opened the one for the right side. put it on. Opened the one for the left side and it was exactly the same as the one for the right side.

I am hoping someone could show me a photo of what the right and left side ones are supposed to look like. On the one I installed the edge closer to the van seems to be seated further back and the outer edge of the mirror seems to screw on further forward. I hope i put the right one on and din't drill the holes for nothing. I don't know if that makes sense but thats the easiest way for me to describe what is going on.

thanks for any help..

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My 2006 catalog lists 05103592AA for the Left, and 05103593AA for the right.

Here are the photos... they mount at an angle to the housing's seam, with the "inner" foot further to the rear of the van

Right Parabolic:


Left Parabolic:


Left mirror, sowing set-back of outside post:


Left mirror, sowing set-back of inner post:


p.s. when we bought our Sprinter, the parabolics had been an at-factory option... but they were not yet attached at the dealership (we saw the van before it had been "final prepped")
They were lying loose in the glove box (if i recall correctly).
I cannot remember if the tops of the main mirror housings were pre-drilled or not.

Our passenger-side main mirror's glass popped off one day (emphatic door slam). I re-attached it.
Looking at the plastic posts inside the housing, i suspect the parabolic installer half-broke one when he was removing or reinstalling that piece of glass.
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