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Hello group! Just wanted to thank contributors to this forum. It helped me resolve a "start error" situation with my van that just came back from the bodyshop.

They broke a key in the barrel of the rear door, so they had a new key made for me at the Dodge dealership.

So I get in the van and start it fine, only to find a christmas tree light situation in the dash, and the gear selector stuck in Park... Put a pencil in there to get home, and then started searching this forum. In about 5 minutes, I had learned neough to go back and check for the brake light fuse... And you guessed it, it was blown! Problem fixed!!

So now this sunday, I went to start the van to work on it, and ..... nothing!! not even a clic... After a whole night of battery charging, and about 2 hours crawling under it to clean the Starter cables (I don't know how you guys can do it from the engine bay my arms are just too short), nothing was working. I got depressed... I was seeing my conversion schedule falling back.

Last night, at around midnight, I get back on this forum and then stumble upon a thread where someone said the central locking was part of the starting circuitry. A HUGE bulb lit up on my head! I don't have central locking BUT I wondered If the new spare key I got from the dealer was the cause... It was cut cut but probably not coded. And surely enough, I went down to try my original key, and it started up just fine.

So I hate myself for not finding this before, but still, this forum helped me save a great amount of troubleshooting time



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If the key was incorrectly RFID coded (but you drove home, right?) ... the message "Start Err" would appear on your dashboard display.



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Actually, the key was not coded at all! Got it sorted out today at the Dodge dealership. My locksmith where I went originally for my pare key, told me he couldn't code a "Mercedes" key with his machine. He could just code the generic brand he carries.

At the dealers, it took them around 30 minutes (probably not all efficient time, I wasn't standing next to the mechanic) but they plug in somehtin in the OBDII port and something magical happens from there on...


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The salesman handed me four fobs and said they cost $500.00 each. I stashed one on the vehicle, use one and remaineder secured.

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