Your opinion on a sprinter i'm considering buying with 4 check engine codes


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Thinking about buying a sprinter (2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 140") that has the check engine light on. I had him get it scanned for codes and it has the following:

P0671 Cylinder 1 Glow Plug Circuit

P0672 Cylinder 2 Glow Plug Circuit

P0380 Glow Plug Circuit Perf (performance abbreviation?)

P0069 MAP-Barometric Press Correlation

As the sprinter is quite a drive from me I was wondering if anyone has some ideas as to what the problem is or what to check first...He says that the sprinter doesn't have any noticeable performance/reliability issues despite those check engine codes

If I remember correctly wasn't there issues with the electrical connector on the glowplugs coming loose?

P0069: this relates to the intake manifold pressure/vacuum sensor correct? Any other possibilities besides either a bad sensor or bad electrical connection?

Thanks for your help! Happy Spring!! :thumbup:


I had similar glow plug codes on mine. So because I didn't want to waist time going back and forth to ordering single glow plugs and module, I ended up changing all 5, and doing the external fuse modification to the Module. All codes are gone now.

Your other code, I'm not familar with.

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The glow plug issues alone are enough to trigger the MIL on a OM647.

Those codes all appear to be from a generic tool so that MAF code could be most anything. It could even be an old code stored in memory.

I would go and test drive it. Many people will walk away with a MIL aka CEL lit. Use the MIL being on for negotiating. Mention how glow plug parts are expensive and glow plugs can be stuck. MAF sensors are expensive. You probably won't need one. That is a guess.

The glow plug issues don't need to be expensive DIY.

Buy another Sprinter. Everyone should own more than one like I do. With 2 ea. Sprinters in the driveway, just the other day another person asked if we had a lot of kids. :bash:



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You no longer need the external fuse modification to the Module. New modules are redesigned to not have fuses. They reset.
Three of the four codes are cleared with the service of replacing all five glow plugs and the module.

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You no longer need the external fuse modification to the Module. New modules are redesigned to not have fuses. They reset.
That is true.

My DIY mod in the link above doesn't use external fuses. It can cost under 10 bucks and works fine. So if price is a concern and a bit of soldering is ok...


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