Anyone know a boat trailer manufacturer in NSW


04 LWB 416cdi T1N OM612
Gday Sprinter owners,
Does anyone know of a boat trailer manufacturer in NSW they would recommend?
I want to build a 12m custom trailer from aluminium and I am hoping one of you may be able to recommend someone within several hours of Sydney.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Mate

There is quite a few trailer builders at Taren Point which may be able to help out.

I have used Classic trailers years ago to build a jetski/motorbike trailer which was pretty good.

Hope that helps


04 LWB 416cdi T1N OM612
Hi Matty K,
Thanks for the info. Most of the trailer builders I have contacted so far build only in steel, and are not interested or able to build a 12 m trailer, thats why I have decided to start approaching boat trailer builders. I want the trailer built from aluminium so its as light as possible.
I will start researching the trailer builders around the Taren Point area.
Thanks again mate. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
416cdi....... you've got the measurements right? A 12M trailer is 40', that is a BIG trailer.
I have had two trailers from Sales in Mortdale, they build a good trailer but don't know about in aluminium.


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