Doors overextending, causing damage?


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I don't really understand how these doors were designed. They seem to hyper extend past 90 degrees when open all the way, and have suffered minor damage on the front end of the door panel (door panel steel is crumpled in). The flat steel bar that acts as a door stop doesn't really seem to work.

What happened a few weeks ago though was pretty unexpected - I opened my driver side door and a gust of wind blew it open so hard that it ripped the lower hinge right out of the door -- the steel that that bolts attach to just ripped a chunk out of the door. I've been using the other doors while I figure out what to do next. Repair or replace?

I'm leaning toward pulling the door off and doing my best to weld that hinge plate back to the door panel. I won't let this type of damage (however annoying it may be) cause me to throw the whole door panel out. I'm too stubborn and am determined to fix this.

Has anyone else dealt with anything like this? What did you do? What WOULD YOU do?

This is a 2005 sprinter fwiw.
And I tried to attach a pic of the damage but the image size limit is 900x0 pixels which doesn't make sense.


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The 900 x 0 means the picture can only be a max of 900 pixels wide, but can be any length. (but no more than 500 kilobytes)

Either reduce the photo's size (i use Window's Paint to do it), or post it on some other picture site and provide a link to it.

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Hard to tell for sure from the pic, but was the steel weakened by corrosion?


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This happened to a friend's van, dealer wanted to put a whole new door on for several thousand dollars. Like you, the door stop didn't do much to prevent it from happening.
They had me look at it, and the BODY side of the hinge was bent, so I removed the door, threaded in a longer bolt and put a piece of pipe on it and "cold set" (bent) it back to it's original position. I couldn't do anything about the crease in the fender from the door edge, but they were very happy to be able to CLOSE their door and use it again! They drove halfway across the country with the door held shut by a strap inside and duct tape outside.

In your case, looking at the pics, if you have welding skills you might try to put in a long reinforcing plate behind the skin and weld on the piece for the hinge bolts. Or tap the new reinforcing plate. You may end up needing a replacement door, though. Keep an eye on Craigslist for someone parting one out.

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I'm not a great welder.

My tack (PUN intended) would be to cut a piece of flat stock longer than the OEM tapped block. Tap the two threads in the flat stock for the OEM fasteners, or some other suitable hinge bolts. After straightening the damaged metal as best I could, the flat stock would then be inserted up into the hole and dropped back down to bridge the opening.

Some pop rivets could then be used to position and fasten the flat stock and plate. Maybe throw some JB Weld into the mix just because.

If clearance/adjustment allows, a thinner flat plate might be used on the outer face to sandwich the existing metal.

I haven't used the above method. As long as there is space behind above and below to allow the long flat stock to be installed I believe that it will work.

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With that damage, I would expect to see the pillar also damaged at both the hinge mount and the door check. Remember that the door check is handed.

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