Stonyford, CA (12/02/06)


06 T1N Can
Some folks were having their annual dirt bike camp out at Stonyford. I've never been to Stonyford, so I thought it would be interesting to join the group and experience some trails.

Packed up and ready to go.

I was going to take my truck and its tent, but since it was going to be as low as 26 degrees (F) I whimped out and decided to take the van to sleep in instead. I was on the road by 5:15am.

Heading North on I-5.

Just beyond those mountains is Stonyford, CA.

Town of Maxwell, CA off of I-5. The town is very small.

Going over the mountains.


06 T1N Can
The road becomes a one laner at the top.

The final destination overlooking the campground.

The SBR folks decide to camp at the far end of Davis Flats.

The bike is off the van.

The group around the campfire.


06 T1N Can
It was cold when I got there at 9:00am. Everyone was not even dressed, which was a good sign that I still had time to put on my gear. The ride started around 10:00am.

There were two groups going out. One was going on green and some blue trails while the other on blue and black trails. I decided to go with the latter and cross my fingers.

Everyone is ready for the ride. Do you see the individual taking a group picture?

It was not even 5 minutes into the ride, I decide to go swimming during a stream crossing. It was my turn to cross the stream when suddenly my transmission pops out of gear and into neutral. I tried kicking it down to first while my bike rolled into the middle of the stream, but I was not successful. I put my foot down only to slip on a rock and lay the bike down. Both my boots and gloves were now wet. Great way to start a ride. :bash:

The group takes a break.

2nd group picture.

Long story short I need some hand exercises. My hands were out of it for braking and clutching in the morning and it was not until the latter part of the day where my hands warmed up and felt better. The best part of the ride was the last hour where we went through some great zig-zagging single track. It went on forever! :drool: I would have taken some action shots, but I was too busy having fun and keeping upright.

We got back to camp around 1:30pm. I was beat and wasn't going to go on another ride. I decided then and there that I wasn't going to camp out in the van and sustain the 26 degrees temperatures. I had enoughenergy to go home. Besides, I heard from a member that one of the neighbors in the campsite left their generators on all night. I wasn't going to attempt to sleep a night with generators blaring through the night.

So I packed up my stuff and looked forward to the 3.5 hours back home. I had a tuna/egg salad sans the bread. My hands were dirty and I just wanted a quick meal out of the tupperware. I was on the road at 3:00pm.

I'm finally home.

I'm glad I didn't stay. I can now take a shower and go to sleep in a warm bed with no generators! It was an awesome day for sure!


06 T1N Can
Wow trail looks good. I ride myself. We're planning a trip to Baja. 400 mile run!
Baja! :drool:

Are you guys going with a tour or have a plan for yourselves? Taking the Sprinter? :D

Make sure you take a lot of pictures and share it with us. :thumbup:


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