Espar (Eberspacher) D2 "No Signal" After running for hours

Midwestdrifter - any update on this? did the change in EST finally fix everything? I am still trying to troubleshoot this issue. I still randomly get the no signal error. I have redone all my connections to remove any kind of wiring issue. My latest thinking is that it’s the altitude kit – not from any scientific reason, just because its either that or the EST (or the ECU, but that seems least likely). So right now I am running without altitude kit – problem hasn’t shown up yet – but then, it probably wont until I least expect it.


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I am finishing installation, wiring seems correct. The EST reads D2 (Primary) but there is no AD (second line) displayed. Going to setting-service it displays “no signal” on the second line from the D5. Checked the voltage on the signal wire from D5 at EST with a high impedance multimeter and it was about 11V. It is a signal line so I assume it is about 5V, but am not sure.

I searched manual for adding the second unit or troubleshooting if AD is not showing but was unsuccessful. Advice would be appreciated.

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Did you cycle the power on the EST? During the INIT process it detects the heaters.

Did you enable the second heater in the workshop menu?

Go to the wrench icon. enter the menu. Hold the back button for 5 seconds. Go to item 12.1, set to ON. Disconnect the EST power for 2 seconds. Reconnect.

The 1 wire bus might require a common ground, I assume both heaters share the same ground bus (aux battery)?
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2013 Sprinter DIY 144WB, Portland OR
Thank you, on line 12.1 I chose JE from I think 3 options JE, S1, S2 and AD is displaying now, great help. Will continue.


Hi All -

I am having a problem I can't seem to fix on my espar D2 heater with easystart timer. The heater starts up and runs without a hitch. Then after about 5-6 hours of run time it turns itself off with the error "No Signal" displayed on the controller. I can turn the controller on and off and it maintains 'no signal'. But if I pull the fuse on the controller and then restart it it immediately starts up and will run again for 5-6 hours without a problem....


i know this may sound dumb/obvious, but did you set the run-timer function for more than 5-6 hours?
i forget now what it comes from the factory set at...

but its in the manual how to do it - i have mine set to run 16hours and it always runs for that long,
unless/until i shut it down.

16hours being a typical winter overnight runtime...

(i like the cabin warm overnight, esp when 'baby, its cold outside' ;)
Outbound and others - thanks for the thoughts. I just completed a couple week long winter trip, running the heater fairly continuously. I have tried changing the runtime in the menu - just to see if changing it to a reduced time (versus infinite) would make a difference. It did not. About 8 hours in to the 12 hour test (720 minutes is the longest I can set) it shut off with the 'no signal' error on the easystart timer.

On my most recent trip, the heater ran a lot. Parked at ski locations and basically kept it running continuously (as much as possible, between 'No Signal' errors) except when we were driving to a new destination. On a few nights the heater ran all night through, but most nights it would quit sometime in the small hours of the morning - timing isn't really regular, sometimes 5 or 6 hours, sometimes 10 or 12 hours or more. But the error persisted so much so that I got in the habit of listening for the pump/fan running anytime I would wake up and roll over. And we installed a switch next to the controller to cycle the power off and back on again so the 'hard' reset of the easystart timer is now easier than previously pulling the fuse. But annoyingly the problem persists despite rewiring multiple ways, replacing the factory connector with hardwired connections, multiple trips through all the menus, and several discussions with tech support at No faults reading either (even when the controller is directly connected to the blue/white wire - bypassing the altitude kit)

My big question now is... what do I replace? The easystart timer controller? the ECU on the heater? Something else? I don't want to start spending money replacing things and replace the wrong thing. Maybe the solution is to replace the entire thing and get a Webasto?

Anyway, its frustrating. As usual, any suggestions that people have is welcome. And thanks again to those that have offered insight previously.
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Re: Espar (Eberspacher) D2 "No Signal" After running for hours

Yep, I've seen it and wired it all the way to the timer to see if it made a difference. It did not. No need to use it.

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Yep, I've seen it and wired it all the way to the timer to see if it made a difference. It did not. No needed to use it.

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Sorry to hear that :/

What did you do with the grey/black wire coming from the controller? Is there no amber backlight without it?


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lol, I had this exact problem with my heater this weekend. Works for several hours, shuts off and no longer responds to the remote ("no signal"). Starts up if I pull the fuse momentarily. This is with an easystart remote+.
I'm sorry to hear this. I have not been able to fix my issues with the heater. I may replace the easy start timer with another controller this winter. I mostly forget about it camping in the summer season. [emoji2962]

Certainly let me know if you come up with anything that works. And I'll do the same.


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It turns out that the East Start Remote+ (which I have) isn't even supported in North America. So I'll be hooking up another controller too. I'll let you know if that changes anything.


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I may have fixed my issue. The Easy Start Remote+ has a module that is most likely similar or identical to the EST. The connection between that module and its external temperature probe appears to have been faulty. After fixing that, I let it run all night and it was still running and responsive to this morning. One caveat: when I was having trouble, the van was parked at 6000' altitude, so the HAK would have been functional. Last night, that wouldn't have been the case. So need to redo the test at altitude.


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No it's part of the easy start remote+. I assume that's because there is no external display (like on the easy start timer). I'll bet that display has a temperature sensor built in.

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