Electric lock on sliding side door sticks

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I have a 2004 cargo Sprinter and my sliding side door electric lock does not function well. I often need to reach inside through the passenger side door and release the sliding side door locking mechanism from the inside. The electric locking mechanism has never failed to lock the door but it often does not unlock the door. I have removed the panel for inspection and did not see any obvious reason for failure. I lubricated it and it worked for a short time but none of the other electric locks have required lubrication to function properly. The solenoid is moving and when the door will not open from the outside just a small movement of the inside handle will release the lock so the latch will function from the outside.

Anyone have experience with this?


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Sounds like my problem. Did you clean the contacts?

I don't know why there's grease build up there, but after I clean it my sliding door lock is back to normal. I had to do at least twice.


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After following Seek's advice I would try comparing the movement of the solenoid with another known good one.

I've replaced two solenoids on my cargo (both loadspace doors), and they both appeared to function when tested out of the door but infact the pins weren't being moved far enough to work the mechanism, as I discovered when I observed the difference between new and old.

The dealer may unecessarily try to sell you the entire mechanism assembly with solenoid.

Could just be dirt in the door jamb though. I was going to have electric sliding side door on my next van, but on reflection I've decided five electrical sensors in an area which seems to be almost magnetic to dust and dirt may not be a good recipe for trouble free long service.
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>2,000,000m in MB vans
Optionable from the factory on NCV3 in Europe, not sure about US.

At least one company doing aftermarket kit, but not cheap.

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