Best oil for engine?


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What is the best sinthetic motor oil for sprinter now available on market?
What oil would you recommend?
I have now 5w-30 but don't know oil's brand.. i see a lot of brands but all 5w-30 I see marked with "gasoline engine oil". Kind of confused what oil should I use on my sprinter..


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0W-40 Mobile1 Full Synthetic is recommended by MB

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Mobil 1 0w-40 Euro is one of many recommended by Mercedes.

Personally I would stay with MB228.3, MB228.5, MB229.3, MB229.5 spec and avoid MB229.51 or MB229.52 for a T1N.

Some info is here.

MB 229.51 or 229.52 best for T1N's?


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