82 mph limiter defeatable?


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It sure is.
Obviously the silver one is doing over 90, not the slower one, although the slower one has the governor removed too. It's just got a 100% stock engine and fuel system and takes longer to get up to 90, especially going uphill. The small silver one has been modified for more power.
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I know its off-topic but...why is it necessary to have a Speed-O-Meter indicating speed exceeding 70 mph?
... because in some states, the freeways are signed 75 mph (and higher).

When everybody in both lanes is doing the legal 75, so am i.

When the limit is 80 mph, i'm doing 75.

p.s. to Bob: putting a ridiculously high max speed on the speedo is psychological: it sells.
(just like having the Sprinter's maintenance book have fill-in-the-blanks for up to 200,000 miles, with the suggestion you'll need another book)


p.p.s. with ASSYST, i'd expect it to lst me until 260,000 miles
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OP, I expect you were just expecting a few answers to your questions and not the preaching huh? Hey guys..... just answer the man's question. If you don't know the answer then stay out of it. There's got to be a parable about when everyone minded their own business and didn't get offended by a simple question. Anyone know it?

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