HELP 08 Sprinter 2500 would not start this cold morning


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Hello all, i have a 2008 FreightLiner Sprinter 2500 w/ 3.0l 6cyl turbodiesel Mer-Benz eng 195K miles .. had roughly 145K when i bought it 1-1/2yr ago

So this morning was 16 degrees out and all she would do is crank! i went back out once it was about 40 degrees still just cranks .. i just had the same issue last month just got it out of the shop on 1/19 it went in due to the no start and i broke the Vac line going to the Brake booster while changing the fuel filter the Nylon fitting was brittle too cold my guess .. so they said "checked EGR cooling SOL flapper stuck open due to vac line" they fixed the line all checked out yada-yada i picked van up its been good .. 3 days ago it was 22 out and it did not fire right up like norm cranked 3x as long b4 firing .. yesterday when i got off the freeway and was idling to a stop i felt a Jerk and i know i read on here that that can be caused by the dirty EGR valve so my question is do you think that since it was so cold an the EGR could be dirty that it could be stuck open again causing it not to start? I am not a Mechanic by any means i remodel homes but also cannot afford what the FYDA dealer charges not to mention there 60-70 miles away and would be another $200 tow! Hoping someone here may be able to help!


What's the condition of your starting battery? I had a similar issue when the temperature dipped below 20 recently.

Tried it again when it warmed up, but no dice. I could hear it was turning too slow. I replaced the battery and all is good.


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So i went out today and tried it and it fired up!! Started on the 2nd turn of the key. So i let it run for about an hour and noticed it had white smoke coming out the exhaust so i ran it down the street and it smoke for 3-4 blocks i jumped on the freeway ran it at 65 mph for a few miles and no more smoke .. what do you think was the cause for the smoke? I've never just let it sit still running for an hour so i don't know if this happen due to idling.

I replaced Battery and Alternator last winter, it was cranking strong.

I would still like to know why it did not start on the cold morning, so i can fix the prob.. i want to clean the EGR so if anyone has pictures/instruction on how to do it as i don't even know where to find it or what it looks like! But i'm confident i can follow instructions and get it done.

TYIA everyone!


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The smoke is likely excess fuel burning off since your abortive cold start filled the pots with unburnt fuel.
My first thought is are your glow plugs working properly.???
As for cleaning an EGR valve!!--my first thought is don't fix wot aint broke!
(Iowa /Somerset (Zummerzet) farm boy motto !)

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