X12 Crew Van Heating Package: Heat insulation for rear compartment- opinion


Just starting to add some acoustic insulation to the crew van. I pulled the OEM interior panels to look at where I wanted to add Noico sound deadening mat and was surprised to see the extent of what appears to be the factory thermal insulation is a 1/4" of closed cell foam on about 40% of the panel surface area. This package also included the passenger heat duct that runs between driver and passenger seats on the floor.

For what it's worth, the rear area heat duct is marginal to useless for pushing warm air to the bench seat but it's the only factory option for rear heat. The factory insulation is probably graded along the same lines. If I was going to order this van again I would try to break out the individual items (rear heat duct and rear insulation) and only order the heat duct. Not because it does very much but it's a little better than nothing. The two panel vents on the dash push much more heat to the rear.

I am pretty sure I am going to tear out the OEM foam and add damping material instead. I can't see the OEM material being much use for either thermal or acoustic insulation.

Hope this helps someone picking options for their crew van.



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I was under the impression that the heater under the dash is pushing more heat than the non crew option. Bigger exchanger or something maybe. The cargo's come with the partition so when you go that route and take the partition down to build out, you've got a really undersized heater for the volume of air in the whole van.

I got a 2016 crew myself and was also mildly surprised/dissapointed with the "thermal insulation" that is the factory improvement so to speak they market with this package but the main upgrade is not whats on the walls it's under the dash. I know at full blast, the thing pushes quite a bit of air out the vents.
I'm one of many trying for the perfect build order. After thinking the cargo was the way to go, I found out adding bench seat mounts for 2nd and 3rd row convertibility was not possible. So, crew choice was next which I found thanks to this and other threads, has got negligible insulation (Moab in the summer gets HOT).
I'm trying to avoid buying tools, insulation, and most of all ripping out head and sideliners (some great DIY posts out there-but not me). Guess I'm left with ordering the ugly roof fan, and paying some one to do this. Seems like a waste to pay more for a crew version and more for labor to pull it out to add good insulation. Guess I've got to pay to play. . .

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