Rust repair?


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I have a 2003 since it was new. She just turned a 100k so i thought i would treat her to a spa. clean, wax fix dings and even pull door molding and door steps and clean and more clean.. So anyhow I know there is a few dings but on closer inspection i dicover rust , rust and more rust. Ive read thru all the archives and there is alot of discussion about rust issues but very little on how to deal with it... So I'm at a loss do I deal with this? please reply or point me in the right direction, Thank you

here is a few examples. rust eating under paint at point of micro ding and other spots no ding and rust begining to bubble . Ofcourse the hood is dinged but no rust (zinc and primered?) side panels seem to have no primer and have the most rust. For some reason I think my future has a white van w/ whit poka-dots in it...........


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The hidden areas I'm thinking should be hit w/ rust stopper and then sprayed w/Rustoleum industrial grade enamel? But all the areas on the side panels? what is one to do?


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See below for some discussion of this type corrosion:

Probably poor metal prep or bad primer in the Sprinter's case. I had a 80s GM Xcar that was full of it.

It looks like hell, but I've found that scraping back to good paint and coating with Rustoleum's rusty metal primer (fish oil) will stop it. You don't even have to paint over the primer, that primer alone is good enough.


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Thanks for the link Talkinghorse, so I guess the proper term is filiform corrosion, caused by a lack of proper zinc prep? If I look closely at the paint on the side panels it seems to lack any kind of primer yet on the hood and rear corner there is a obvious primer layer (and no rust). ......I have read much of this magic "fish oil" on this forum, is it really Rustoleum thats being refered to? Seems like I read somewhere that primer has a natural slate ingredient that actually soaks moisture if not top coated. Does OEM artic white come in spray cans?

The more I look into this the more it seems the real problem is a shoddy paint job that is not up to industry standards. I'm at 100,700mi , out of warrenty, but I think I will give DC headquarters a call today to see what they have to say for themselves.

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