241xl - stepwell acces panel - inverter?


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Anyone know what is behind the stepwell acess door?

I am looking into upgrading my inverter and was hoping that space was open / empty for an upgrade.

My 241xl SQ does not have the whole coach inverter option ...i.e. only the frront of coach has 120 off inverter.

Wanted to power the back outlets too....

So, i will need the xantrax with transfer switch. That spot would keep my battery leads under the 5 foot requirment.

How are the coaches wired with the factor installed 1800W inverter?

Thanks for your thoughts.



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I kept my current 1000w inverter installed to keep power consumption down.

Installed xantrax 110v automatic switch inline with outlets circuit from convert box.

Now, i have inverter power to all outlets in coach....when converter box gets shore / generator power the xantrax will automaticly switch over to shore power mode.

Mostly wanted the rear tv to be powered... but was not wired from factory like that.
Rear tv is smaller and draws less power. We now have two rooms at night....wife can watch tv and i can relax on couch with laptop.


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