Help Identifying Magnet Clip Part Numbers

I just ordered a side magnet and bumper on ebay and realized I need at least 1 more part (maybe 2) to get this to work properly.

I don't know where to find the part numbers for these.

In the picture here, I ordered part 16 and 18. I need at least 19. I don't know what 20 is, but may need that as well to hold the magnet assembly together.

(My van was side-swiped and I lost my magnet holder.)

Can I get assistance on identifying part 19 and 20. Thanks.



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My guess would be that you need all of the parts from 16 through 22 ...

Here's another take on it from the 2006 parts catalog:


1) 05104611AA pin, cotter
2) 05104423AA magnet
3) 05104433AA plate, support
4) 05103719AA screw
5) 05104369AA bumper, door
6) 05103840AA nut, snap-in

(image and numbers from the 2006 catalog available at the site address in my signature block)
The service manuals on that site do not appear to list how to install the bumper (that i've found yet).

My guess on assembly would be that the reinforcement (7) gets pushed into the body hole,
the nut (6) gets put into it on the interior side,
The screw (4) holds the bumper (5) by being screwed into the nut (6)
Then the support plate (3) is pushed into the bumper's square hole,
the magnet (2) is pushed into the square hole so that its post goes through the support plate (3)
Finally the cotter pin (1) is dropped down (or up) through the bumper to catch and hold the magnet's pin on the inside of the support plate.
(but i've never installed one)
If you don't have interior panels on your Sprinter, you may be able to see the other side's reinforcement for more clues.

It's possible that the magnet, support plate and cotter pin are put together before pushing the plate into the square hole. If there's no passageway in the rubber bumper for the cotter pin to be dropped in after pushing in the magnet, then the pre-assembly is the way to go.

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7) appears to be welded into the body. That's just a cavity the 6) piece sits into. I had 4) and 6) and a broken 5) on my van. Didn't know I needed 1), 2), 3), and 5) to complete the repair.

Thanks for the part numbers. That assists me greatly.


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The Dodge/Chrysler -to- MB parts number cross-reference file is available at the URL in my signature block...


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