Injector Question - Blow-by and now odd brownish color 'gue' around injector


'05 Box Snow Camper
Honestly, I don't want to get into my blow-by saga too much. Long story short, floored it to pass someone, loss of power, oil shot out my dip stick, did some basic testing, #5 cylinder seems to be the culprit.

My question - please take a look at the attached pics. Although difficult to see, the color of the 'gue' around the injector is brownish. I saw this color once upon a time when a blew a head gasket on an '87 landcruiser. I don't have any signs of a blown head gasket and even if I did, my injector wasn't leaking so how could oil, and oil mixed with water, get into the injector cylinder... Is it possible for a little water to work it's way into the injector bore over time? 2004, 172K miles.

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Looks like a pretty normal combination of oil, rust, and water. It is normal for water to get into the injector wells.

I recently flushed the injector wells in my van and a similar combination of crap came out.

Since the valve cover seals around the injector Well It is possible for oil seep into the injector well from the valve cover ring.
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I agree with MidwestDrifter , I recently changed all the copper washers and tie down bolts on my injectors and almost each and every injector looked like yours as well !
Vanski , whatever you do don't take a good injector apart and think it can be put together AND WORK FINE , it won't !!!


'05 Box Snow Camper
Thx.. I was trying to scope my piston head. Unfortunately the bore scope is too large in diameter. Time to take off the head! More on that later. Maybe. :cry:

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